Restavracija Smrekarjev hram Popolno kulinarično razvajanje

Herring Fest

1 March 2017

On Ash Wednesday we have prepared a special menu in the spirit of Herring Fest.

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Marinated trout with grapefruit and hazelnuts


"Octopus salad", smoke


Scallops, pomegranate, saffron


Mackerel, artichokes, soya


Sea bass, cauliflower, clams


Corn, honey, house-made cream cheese   


House-made doughnuts and coffee

4 course tasting menu - 40,00 €

6 course tasting menu - 60,00 €

Weekly Menu

Monday - Friday (20 - 24 February 2017)


Veal tongue, lamb's lettuce, pumpkin mayonnaise, smoked emulsion


Leek soup with profiterole



Duck confit, baked beetroot, potato-and-garlic puree, prune sauce


Pan fried trout, pearl barley with herbs, hazelnut sauce, pickled turnips



Chestnut cream, coffee sorbet, shortbread crumble

Price list

Appetizer and main course

18,00 €


Appetizer, main course and dessert

22,00 €



Venison liver ragout, house-made sour cream »porridge«, dried and smoked venison heart

9,00 €

Marinated Bohinj trout tartare, horseradish, cucumbers, smoked trout roe, radish, mussel-and-lettuce emulsion

9,00 €

Scallops, smoked salsify puree, celeriac and apple, lardo, fermented pomegranate

11,00 €

Celery-and-kombu panna cotta, fermented celeriac with ginger, green apple, dashi

7,00 €

An assortment of house-made pâté

8,00 €

Hand cut prosciutto

8,00 €

Main dishes

Roe deer fillet, veal sweetbreads glazed with »Vadouvan«, honey- glazed roast parsnip, parsnip puree, buckthorn, spruce oil, tonka jus

21,00 €

Dry aged beef, fermented cabbage, candied kombu, smoked milk emulsion, dashi jus

20,00 €

Fillet of white flesh fish, prosciutto consomme, roasted cauliflower puree, clams, saffron oil

23,00 €

Sturgeon fillet poached in thyme buttermilk, roasted artichokes, Jerusalem artichoke-and-black garlic cream, caper and lemon emulsion

18,00 €

Kale and soy »sarma« roll, aged cheese foam, vegetable demi glace

15,00 €


Caramel chocolate royal, pumpkin seed oil emulsion, pumpkin seed-and-hazelnut crumble, hazelnut ice cream, pomegranate

9,00 €

»Trdinka« polenta, miso caramel, house-made yoghurt ice cream, corn

8,00 €

»Gibanica« - poppy seeds, apples, curd, walnuts

8,00 €


A selection of Slovenian cheeses, house-made jam, crackers and brioche

11,00 €

Tasting menus »carte blanche«

4 courses

40,00 €

5 courses

50,00 €

6 courses

60,00 €

9 courses

85,00 €

The menu is valid from 25 January 2017.

All prices are in euros. The prices include VAT.

Opening hours and location

From Monday till Friday: from 12 p.m. till 10 p.m. 

Saturday: from 6 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Sunday and holidays: closed.


Atelje Restaurant and bar
Nazorjeva 2 (close vicinity of the Grand Hotel Union), Ljubljana, Slovenina
T: +386 1 308 1907


The restaurant guests can park free-of-charge in the Grand Hotel Union parking garage (not valid for groups).

About Atelje

Simple, but refined

Based on a treasury of masterpieces thought up by the top master chef Jorg Zupan and contributed to by his team, who have gained knowledge and skills in different parts of the world, Atelje boasts a fusion of flavours that brings the superb cuisine back to the people through its sophisticated preparation and an unpretentious approach.

Jorg Zupan is a master chef with a special attitude to tradition, ingredients and the world-class cuisine, which he aims to make more familiar to people at the Atelje restaurant through a relaxed atmosphere. Without any tablecloths, bow ties or gloves, without the pompous food introductions or the unrelatable know-it-all wisecracking… Jorg lives for his culinary creations, which guests get to enjoy without the unnecessary add-ons. Such is the philosophy of the master chef, who has sharpened his skills in the best Ireland-, London-, Australia- and Norway-based restaurants. His calmness achieved through the many years of experience and his unselfish sharing of the knowledge with the members of his team make him one of Slovenia's top chefs.