Fitness and wellness

Welcome to our recreation and relaxation centre, where we are dedicated to creating happy, energetic, healthy bodies and creative minds.

Below you will find more information about our fitness and wellness programme, the opening hours, the range of our services and contact details.

Take time for yourself and enjoy it to the max!



Welcome to the newly opened fitness centre in the mezzanine of Grand Hotel Union Business, which is open to guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer workout facilities and sessions in air-conditioned and user-friendly rooms, where you will get in a good workout, forget all about the everyday stress and boost your energy levels.

The fitness centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; daily workout sessions are announced every day.

Multi-functional training (MFT) has been prepared for you. MFT is a dynamic high-intensity workout, based on the movements useful in everyday life.  You will grow to love it owing to its simple exercises, workout sessions mostly composed of several types or elements of sports: cardio, gymnastics elements, (Olympic) weight-lifting and martial art elements. A combination of various workouts will help you truly improve your fitness level, as all muscle groups will be included in the workout. The exercises change constantly, the workout is rarely repeated, and is different and exciting every single time. Multi-functional training is suitable for everyone – the intensity and weight are adapted to each individual based on their ability.

Multi-functional training is available daily at: 5 PM, 6 PM and 7 PM.

Special emphasis is placed on an individual approach; every fitness centre user is devoted utmost attention and care. Each trainer is responsible for a maximum of five workout participants, which ensures progress, well-being, a high quality of workouts and health. During the prescribed training sessions, other participants can work out using the exercise equipment.

Information regarding the price is available at the reception.


Monthly membership - 100€
Monthly membership including 2 hours of parking - 130€
Monthly membership (2 visits per week) - 75€
Monthly membership (2 visits per week) including 2 hours of parking - 95€
One time visit - 15€

One time visit - 40€
Monthly membership - upon agreement

Opening hours

Every day: 24 hours a day

Contact Fitnes M-GYM

+386 (0)41 740 555


Mezzanine of the Grand Hotel Union Business

For the guests of the hotel the use of the fitness is free of charge.


Sense Wellness


In attractive environment with an oriental touch we offer a holistic approach to care and revitalization of your body. We have created a fusion of the finest and most effective elements of both traditional and modern massages and care techniques from all over the world- from Thailand to Philippines. We offer you a luxurious Penthouse swimming pool with an open terrace and an amazing view on the Ljubljana castle. You can treat yourself to our Finnish/bio, infrared sauna. For those who want more intimacy, there is a VIP suite with an infrared sauna, whirlpool-bath and massage rituals for couples.

Opening hours

Weekdays: 7am – 10pm

Weekends and holidays: 10AM – 10PM

Upon request available also outside of opening hours.

Contact Sense Wellness

+386 (0)40 377 888
+386 (0)1 308 17 02


8th floor of the Grand Hotel Union Business

See the pricelist here.

For the guests of the hotel the use of pool and saunas is free of charge, on all other services our guests will receive a 10% discount.

For visitors of the Wellness the parking in the hotel's garage is 50% off for the first two hours. The rest of the time is billed according to the regular price list. For the discount the visitor needs to show the receipt from the Wellness at the reception.


Grand Hotel Union Business Pool

Swimming pool

Swimming is a healthy activity which activates most of your body’s muscles. Improve your general strength and endurance and accelerate your heart rate. Or simply float in water and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

Grand Hotel Union Business Wellness Detail 01


Taking saunas has countless positive effects on your health and well-being. Warm your body up in the pleasant heat of the finnish, bio and infrared, and boost your immune system.

Grand Hotel Union Business Wellness Detail 02


Indulge in the skilful hands of our masseurs in order to unwind, relax your tired muscles and boost your energy. Different people need different types of massages – trust us and we will choose the one that suits your needs.

Grand Hotel Union Business Fitness 03

Fitness Centre

If workout is part of your daily routine, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do it when you are away from home. Visit our fitness studio and do exercises of your choice.

Fitness is open 24 hours and it is located on the Mezzanine of the Grand Hotel Union Business.