90th Traditional Herring Feast in Grand Hotel Union

Herring Feast is an exhibition and a competition of premium culinary arts of sea and fresh water culinary delights, which has been held at the Union Hall since 1908, starting annually in 1925.

The history of herring feasts

Shrove Tuesday marks the end of the traditionally merry and lively Shrovetide carnival and Ash Wednesday signifies the beginning of the forty-day period of lent as the preparation for the biggest Christian holiday, Easter. In the past, local inns to some extent evaded the severity and gravity of this day by preparing the so-called herring feasts. Herring feasts were also prepared on Ash Wednesday by individual hotels. The story of the traditional Herring Feasts goes back to 1908, tree years after the Grand Hotel Union was built, as what was at that time the most modern hotel south of Vienna. The feasts as we know them today have been held in the hotel annually since 1925 when a culinary exhibition was added to the event. An exhibition of premium culinary arts of sea and fresh water culinary delights is accompanied by a competition of eminent Slovene chefs. Every year, they enthrall us with their ingenuity, innovation and top quality cuisine.

The 89th traditional Herring Feast took place on Ash Wednesday, March 5th 2014 and welcomed 1300–1500 guests from all parts of Slovenia.