1. Uros hribernik Chef

Uroš Hribernik: “My kitchen philosophy is to keep it simple and delicious”

Uroš Hribernik is chef de cuisine in the restaurant “Pri Levu”, Ljubljana’s Hotel Lev. He and his team like to improve recipes with new flavours and combinations and transform them into the cutting-edge cuisine. Uroš builds his storyline in restaurant with fresh and simple ingredients and is in particularly fond of the Mediterranean kitchen, which inspires many of their culinary delights.


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ʽBeing a porter is a dream job for students.‘

Porters are the first and the last to come into contact with guests. There are porters and then there are Porters. This time around we had coffee with one of the latter. Gregor Žibert is a 25-year-old who has been working as a porter under the roof of Ljubljana's oldest hotel for the past nine years and, a lucky man indeed, has been behind the wheel of almost all the world's most expensive cars. But his job is much more than just luxury cars. It is a wish, a smile, a sparkle in the eyes...



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A Man Who Fulfils Any Wish - A chat between a guest and a concierge

When we met at Restaurant Union, an extremely likeable man sat down at the table across from me. He introduced himself as a ‘concierge’ Blaž, although I hadn't exactly known what a ‘concierge’ does before I met up with him. He says in Slovenia, that comes as no surprise. Although more and more important foreign guests are coming to Slovenia, Ljubljana's oldest hotel has had a concierge for just over half a year. However, in spite of this, Blaž has more than enough experience and impressions to share, which makes for a conversation during which there's no end in sight to the questions to ask.




10 Reasons for Visiting Planica and Staying at Union Hotels

The ski-flying festival in Planica is a world-famous event. Even since the beginnings of ski flying in the 1930s, Planica has been attracting large numbers of fans of this winter sport, and ever since Planica became a Ski Jumping World Cup venue, it has been a mecca for sports lovers who like cheering on their favourite athletes. At Union Hotels, we have come up with ten reasons for combining a visit to the world-famous ski-flying event in Planica with a visit to our hotels in the centre of Ljubljana.



Ljubljana in February

5 Reasons for Visiting Ljubljana in February

February is not exactly a month when cities abound with holidaymakers, but we have nevertheless thought of some good reasons for visiting Ljubljana during the month of love and winter wonderland. 



Zdravko Peric

Grand Hotel Union's New Head Chef

Zdravko Perić is the new Head Chef of Grand Hotel Union's kitchen, which will feature culinary masterpieces largely inspired by the Mediterranean.

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5 Suggestions for a TOP-NOTCH Conference Experience

There comes a time when there are simply too many business trips. And then there comes a time when job-related obligations are almost as enjoyable as inquisitively exploring new things on a free day. How? We have prepared five tips on how you can enrich your participation in a conference taking place at Grand Hotel Union through experiences that will set a new benchmark for any future conferences.

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Union's master chef with a Michelin star-studded past

Even though he believes his past holds no special stories, he manages to convince us quite quickly that his claim is far from the truth. Master chef Jorg Zupan, who discovered his passion for cooking in passing while in secondary school, has continued to nurture it under the tutelage and with the know-how of the world's best chefs in several Michelin star restaurants all over the world. His experience has elevated him to join the ranks of master chefs and he selflessly transfers his skills to the team he is creating with in the Atelje (Atelier) restaurant, formerly known as Smrekarjev Hram.


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Ljubljana v avgustu

Ljubljana in August

August – the month of large ice cream scoops, getaways at the seaside or in one of the beautiful European capitals, fresh lemonade and new adventures. All of this makes up this high-summer month and for visitors to really get the essence of it, the Union Hotels have prepared five adventures which are definitely worth coming to Ljubljana for and spend a few hours enjoying them. Here are the TOP five Ljubljana experiences that we believe will make your summer holiday an even more enjoyable one.


And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Fairy tales. There is hardly a woman who has never daydreamed and imagined her wedding day. At Union Hotels, we believe dreams can become reality, including those that are elegantly woven around your big day.


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Blog 18 visitljubljana

Ljubljana for culinary enthusiasts

For gourmets, foodies, lovers of fine wine and outdoor events Ljubljana, with its wide range of culinary delights and events, is a must destination. All sorts of events held in the town centre that attract large numbers of lovers of both traditional and exotic flavours, restaurants with their tables situated in the middle of the romantic old town streets tempting passers-by and the fine wines praised by even the most demanding of visitors ... all of this is the culinary Ljubljana.

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Guide to Ljubljana for Families

The abundance of things to do in Ljubljana during the warm part of the year has in recent years attracted the attention of numerous families. Safety is one of the major advantages of Ljubljana as a holiday destination, as are many spots where you can lay your picnic blanket during the warm months of the year – all of it aiding visitors in experiencing and enjoying Ljubljana with just as much carefree relaxation as the locals, in spite of their demanding tourist itinerary. And on top of it all ... everything is just a few steps away from Grand Hotel Union, which is located in the very centre of Ljubljana.

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A Guide ... to Romantic Ljubljana

The fact that Ljubljana is a proper little town of love is suggested by its very name. It has been named after the word 'ljubljena' meaning beloved... The similarity is quite obvious, which has in the past been noticed by a number of authors. Even today there is no shortage of visitors and authors who come to the romantic Ljubljana looking for some inspiration.


Unionski vrt green break

We Favour All Things Home-Grown, Home-Made and Local!

When it comes to certain things, at Union Hotels we love going back to the roots. Back to the times when home-made apple cider vinegar, lettuce from the grandma's garden and freshly ground oats were part of everyday life. In addition to focusing on modernisation, which is visible just about everywhere, Union Hotels have decided to keep alive the tradition of producing and preparing food that provides you, our guests, with only the finest of culinary delights.


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Locally-Grown Lettuce

How often do you actually know where the food you eat comes from? At Union Hotels, the answer to this question is simple – besides our own asparagus patch at Ramovš agritourism farm, we also have our own leafy greens garden at the farm Grm.


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slavica vrt

With Love, Union

Whenever we say that at Union Hotels every single thing is done with love, we mean it. Vegetables grown with a lot of love are by all means part of this - in fact, at Union Hotels, we have our own asparagus patch located at the Ramovš agritourism farm.


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“This Hotel Inspires Me with Awe”

An expert in making the vanilla and custard cream cake and a judge in the popular TV show MasterChef Slovenia joined the team of Grand Hotel Union some time ago. Alma, a native of Slovenia's Gorenjska Region and in charge of the Hotel's food and beverage services, has agreed to share with our website what her typical day at work looks like and what she likes most when it comes to her job. 


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Around Ljubljana with a Frenchwoman

After our special 'Ljubljana guide for Italian visitors', we have now decided to present the Slovenian capital in a similar way to visitors from France. At Grand Union Café, we met up with a 24-year-old Parisian, Yana, who comes to Ljubljana several times a year to visit her relatives from Slovenia.

Park Tivoli vir

Guide to Slovenia for Italian Visitors

Anyone who takes a stroll around the centre of Slovenia's capital every now and then will soon realise that the variety of tourists in Ljubljana, in terms of where they come from, is becoming increasingly rich. However, although many of the visitors are groups of Asian tourists, Spanish speaking students or British guests, the largest number of visitors recorded in 2015 came from neighbouring Italy. 

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Physical activity and healthy food are becoming an increasingly important part of not only our everyday lives, but also of the business world. But when it comes to being active in business meetings, "active" is probably the last word that comes to mind.


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