Daily Selection

Thursday (29 June 2017)

From 11.30 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Every day of the week.


We offer our guests free parking in the garage.

Daily Offer



Rump steak with side dish, lettuce

12,00 €


Black angus with side dish, lettuce

22,00 €


Chicken with side dish, lettuce

9,50 €


Pork fillet with side dish, lettuce

7,50 €


Beef fillet with side dish, lettuce

22,00 €


Bacon with side dish, lettuce

7,50 €


Side dish: Rice with vegetables

Special offer during lunch hours

Seasonal salad

3,50 €

Prosciutto (6 dag)

4 €

Seasonal Menu

Marinated salmon, apple salad

7,50 €

Asparagus, baby spinach, red radish, mustard dressing

5,50 €


Risotto with dandelion and smoked trout

5,00 €


House-made žlikrofi, a selection of cheeses from Gorišek cheesemaker, hazelnut cream

6,50 €

Soup with spring flowers

5,00 €

Lamb fillet, rolled dumplings with wild garlic, young carrot cream, dried celeriac

21,00 €


Ribeye black angus, Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus

23,00 €


Fillet of cod, herb butter, young kohlrabi purèe, kale

15,00 €


Tarragon ice cream, strawberry Bavarian cream, lemon crumble
5,00 €

Menu is valid from 8 April 2016.

À la Carte Menu

Cold starters

Dry-cured ham with olives

8,00 €

Octopus with artichoke

8,00 €


Scampi soup

7,00 €

Beef soup

3,00 €

Soup of the day

3,00 €


Risotto with octopus and dill foam

11,00 €

Tagliatelle with chicken and pistachio

9,00 €


Black angus rump steak with root vegetables

27,00 €

Chicken fillet with mozzarella, basil and aubergines

12,00 €

Grilled beefsteak with bbq sauce

22,00 €

Lamb knuckle, potatoes with onion and glazed vegetables

26,00 €


Sea bass fillet with baby spinach and fennel
15,00 €

Oven-roast octopus
17,00 €


Caprese salad

9,00 €

Chicken salad

9,00 €

Lettuce from local market

4,00 €


Tonka brûlée

5,00 €

Apple strudel with caramel sauce

3,00 €

House-made ice cream

4,00 €


Beef soup with noodles

3,00 €

Hopel popel – pot dish with potatoes, eggs and meat

5,00 €

Flying žganci – fried chicken drumsticks and wings

10,00 €

Apple strudel

3,00 €

4 course menu – Taste Ljubljana

12,00 €

We will gladly accommodate any dietary restrictions that you may have.

The price list is valid from 15 March 2016.

Hotel confectionery

We also offer take-away desserts. Additional information on: +386 1 308 7600 or info@prilevu.si.

Opening hours and location

Every day: 11:00–23:00


Restavracija Pri Levu
Vošnjakova ulica 1, Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 1308 7700
E: info@prilevu.si

About the restaurant

Culinary specialities in refined atmosphere

Our head chef Uroš Hribernik will prepare top class specialities with love and precision. The chef develops his culinary story using simple fresh ingredients, combining them to create a unique gourmet experience. In the pleasant surroundings of a tropical aquarium, you will be served delicious Mediterranean dishes as well as a choice of business menus. The unique culinary delight will be wrapped up with a variety of quality wines and beautifully presented desserts, made in the hotel confectionery.


Tradition and quality

In the city centre, where the once well-known Pri Levu restaurant was located, a modern and luxurious hotel was built in 1964. To maintain the tradition and reputation of the inn, the hotel was named Lev (Lion). To honour this once celebrated and popular inn, the à la carte restaurant Pri Levu was opened in 2009.


The a la carte restaurant Pri Levu has received the Ljubljana Quality Selection award in the "Fine Dining Restaurants" category for its high standard offer, quality services and cleanliness. In 2010 we proudly hosted the Hungarian world famous Gundel Restaurant, which, according to different world tourist guides, is the best ranked restaurant in Hungary.

Work and business lunches

Restaurant Pri Levu is the perfect location in the city centre where you can enjoy business lunch out of your everyday work environment or meet your business partners and clients while tasting our chefs’ excellent cookery.


On weekdays Pri Levu restaurant prepares a new, freshly made menu and a choice of light or business lunches from 13€ per person. We offer a free parking place for our guests.