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Get to Know the New (Old) Chef of Grand Hotel Union

Grand Hotel Union's restaurant welcomed back its new (old) master chef, Janez Dolšak, who returned to the restaurant after a two-year break. The chef de cuisine from the Slovenian region of Dolenjska has been a regular in the kitchen of Ljubljana's oldest hotel since his secondary-school days, and is now returning to a well-known environment with new ideas and approaches heralding a breath of fresh air to the range of culinary delights offered at the restaurant. 



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Around Ljubljana by Bicycle

Amsterdam may be the city most famous for its bicycles and scenes with hundreds of bicycles locked to railings along the river channels, but Ljubljana is not all that different. In fact, increased traffic has resulted in bicycles being an essential means of transport for many locals. According to statistical data, no fewer than 13% of all journeys in Ljubljana are done by bicycle, and there are as many as 225 kilometres of designated cycle lanes.


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Slovenian Indigenous Plant and Animal Species

Slovenia is well-known for its great geographic and cultural diversity, as well as a wide range of local specialties, but did you know it is also rich in fauna and flora?



Slovenia as a Filming Location

Slovenia as a Filming Location

Slovenia is a destination equally popular among both film-makers and tourists! Find out why Slovenia is visited by more and more world-famous stars.


Lesser-Known Slovenian Traditions

Compared to other European countries, Slovenia is a very small country, however, it boasts a wealth of cultural traditions that are still very much alive even though the times have changed. We have picked a few of those Slovenian traditions you may not be familiar with. 

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Shrovetide in Slovenia

If there is one holiday Slovenians are really crazy about, it is definitely Shrovetide!

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The Joys of Winter

Although this winter there has already been some snow a few times, there seems to be no sign of snow in the lowlands.

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Why Should You Choose Ljubljana for the Countdown to the New Year

Firstly, because it is a wonderful town… because it smells of mulled wine and sweet treats, and because all of the tall old buildings make it so romantic. Secondly, because thanks to all the festive decorations and Christmas market stalls Ljubljana is a must-see destination during the festive season.

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From a Religious Custom to a Family Event! How Is Christmas Celebrated in Slovenia?

Ever since people started celebrating Christmas about 1700 years ago, dinner with one's closest family has been the event that kicks off all sorts of festive season feasts. Although Christmas as such began as a festival observed by worshippers, over the past decades other people started celebrating it too, making it one of the biggest holidays celebrated in Slovenia.

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Must-See Wintertime Events in Ljubljana

The Christmas lights switch-on on 1 December will kick off Ljubljana's festive season, which will, like every year, include a number of fairs and events. Here's a list of wintertime events not to be missed!

Matjaz Ivanc about Wine Gallery in the restaurant Atelje Ljubljana Union Hotels

"The Autumn Is All about Serious White Wines"

Matjaž Ivanc is the manager of the Atelje restaurant and one of the sommeliers working under Union Hotels, as well as the best person to talk to when it comes to Atelje's new acquisition, the wine showcase.  

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Autumn Walks in the Forest

In a wooded country like Slovenia, where woodland covers as much as 58.4% of the country's territory, autumn walks among colourful autumn leaves make for a one-of-a-kind experience. For this reason we have decided to dedicate our latest blog post to four suggestions for autumn walks, which are also a good choice for trips with your little ones.


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Natasa Kersic Hotel Lev new hotel manager

“A Good Hotel Is a Collection of Details”

Nataša, a familiar face of hotel corridors, has been part of Union Hotels since August as the new Manager of Hotel Lev. We talked to her recently – right at the start of some big changes with the renovation work underway on Gosposvetska road in front of the hotel and the tree leaves starting to change colour – to ask her about her views of the hotel industry and the work she has devoted her career to. 

Rok Logar

Shorter Days, Shorter Cocktails…

Rok Logar is a young master behind Union Hotels' cocktail masterpieces. On the fifth anniversary of his work for Union Hotels, we talked to the master mixologist about his cocktail-mixing journey.

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Everything You Need to Know If You Want to Go Hiking around the Slovenian Mountains

Owing to their beauty, the Julian Alps, the Kamnik- Savinja Alps and the Karavanke mountain range are without doubt some of Slovenia's most outstanding Slovenian natural marvels. Although Slovenian mountains may not be part of a typical tourist itinerary of visitors to Slovenia, they have in recent years been attracting increasingly high numbers of foreign visitors. The beautiful world of mountains is less than an hour's drive from Ljubljana, which makes the mountain trails a popular destination for Union Hotels’ visitors too. For this reason, we have prepared some useful tips to make your trips to the Slovenian mountaintops perfectly carefree.

Reception desk at Hotel Lev Ljubljana

"Guests First Ask about Where to Go and Then about the Wi-Fi"

Andraž Čandek worked his very first hours at Hotel Lev right after he had turned eighteen. Seven years and a new position later, we chatted with the 25-year-old native of Ljubljana about his work as a Reception Shift Leader in the four-star hotel in the centre of Slovenia’s capital.


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Recipe: Tonka Bean Brûlée

The Tonka Bean Brûlée is considered one of the most popular desserts served at Hotel Lev and at the Restaurant Pri Levu, the hotel’s signature dish, so to say. Our master chefs have decided to share their secret recipe with you, adding some tips that will surely come in handy when you decide to have a go at your next culinary endeavour.


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Chef Uroš Hribernik Restaurant Pri Levu

Uroš Hribernik: “My kitchen philosophy is to keep it simple and delicious”

Uroš Hribernik is chef de cuisine in the restaurant “Pri Levu”, Ljubljana’s Hotel Lev. He and his team like to improve recipes with new flavours and combinations and transform them into the cutting-edge cuisine. Uroš builds his storyline in restaurant with fresh and simple ingredients and is in particularly fond of the Mediterranean kitchen, which inspires many of their culinary delights.


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Grand Hotel Union Reception Detail

ʽBeing a porter is a dream job for students.‘

Porters are the first and the last to come into contact with guests. There are porters and then there are Porters. This time around we had coffee with one of the latter. Gregor Žibert is a 25-year-old who has been working as a porter under the roof of Ljubljana's oldest hotel for the past nine years and, a lucky man indeed, has been behind the wheel of almost all the world's most expensive cars. But his job is much more than just luxury cars. It is a wish, a smile, a sparkle in the eyes...



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A Man Who Fulfils Any Wish - A chat between a guest and a concierge

When we met at Restaurant Union, an extremely likeable man sat down at the table across from me. He introduced himself as a ‘concierge’ Blaž, although I hadn't exactly known what a ‘concierge’ does before I met up with him. He says in Slovenia, that comes as no surprise. Although more and more important foreign guests are coming to Slovenia, Ljubljana's oldest hotel has had a concierge for just over half a year. However, in spite of this, Blaž has more than enough experience and impressions to share, which makes for a conversation during which there's no end in sight to the questions to ask.