Noble location

Hotel Lev has been welcoming guests since 1964. In the city centre, where the once renowned Pri Levu restaurant was located, the construction of a modern and luxurious hotel started in 1961, according to the architectural plans of Emil Medvešček. In order to maintain the traditions of its predecessor, the hotel was named Lev (Lion).

Under the wings of pride

The range of top class hotel and culinary services has slowly made the Hotel Lev more and more popular amongst business as well as leisure guests. Its long tradition helped this mighty hotel to become an important city, business and regional conference hotel, well-known all over the world.

The first five-star hotel

After more than 30 years of running the hotel, we signed a contract with the international hotel chain. The Hotel Lev was part of this internationally known chain until 2001. A year later, its high standard of service earned the Hotel Lev five stars, making it the only five star hotel in Ljubljana. Later the hotel has once again regained the four star status.

Temporary home of many famous guests

Important people from all over the world chose the Hotel Lev and left it feeling satisfied. Agatha Christie, Orson Wells, Louis Armstrong, Janet Jackson, Bob Dylan, Sting, Claudia Schiffer, Luciano Pavarotti, Ivo Pogorelich, Josipa Lisac, Eros Ramazzoti, Seal, 50 Cent, Valerij Gergijev, Zubin Mehta, members of various world famous philharmonic orchestras and many other renowned guests have been creating the hotel’s history.

Unforgettable experience

With recent room refurbishment and modernization and the opening of the L Bistro & Bar, we have additionally improved and expanded our offer. But our goal remains the same – to make sure the guests get a memorable experience, they will wish to repeat.